BID Testimonials

Jenny Yelling Manager of Boot’s and a new Director of St Austell BID concedes that it is a journey and there is much more to do which can only be achieved by working together, “You won’t change anything over night but what the BID has done so far is to invest its modest resources in the things that will drive footfall into the town which every trader needs. It has also fostered productive relationships with other stakeholders in St Austell to deliver projects on the ground. The BID is a force for good in the town.”

Rachael Hunt of Sew & Fabric said “The BID has been great for our business. The town promotion project alone has brought in new customers and I am really impressed with the way the town is looking I really like what the BID has done about additional security. Without the BID, we wouldn’t have a business led organisation that is forward thinking and specifically looking after our interests; I believe that would be detrimental both to the town and my business. In fact without the BID my business would have had to relocate 18 months ago.”