What does the BID do?

In response to what you, as business people in St Austell, have said you want the BID to do, we have focussed the BID into 2 main themes:

Theme A – Attractive, Accessible and Safe

To improve the attractiveness of the town, to provide facilities for visitors to encourage them to spend time in the town, and make it an easier and safer place to visit and walk around at any time of the day or night the BID will:

  • Improve the parking experience by lobbying the council for simplified and reduced charges and/or delivering concessionary parking; improve signage and mapping to welcome and direct visitors to key retail, business and leisure areas; investigate interactive signage; lobby the council for improved pedestrian access at key points; encourage visitors through increasing coach trips and building on trail links with Eden and other local attractions.
  • Improve the appearance of empty shops, liaise with landlords regarding their properties and liaise with the council to direct its resources more effectively, providing additional measures only where they are not part of the council’s service level.
  • Support agencies working to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime, particularly where the impact is on businesses in the town centre.  Improve CCTV coverage and monitoring.
  • Increase the attractiveness of the town by delivering low cost and high impact physical improvements such as flags, banners, promotional signage and planting.
  • Install more places to relax and spend time for all the family members.
  • Encourage the development of a Townscape Heritage Initiative to raise funding for key historic buildings within the BID area.

Theme B – Events, Marketing and Cost Savings

To draw people into the town to provide opportunities for businesses to offer their goods and services and to encourage consumer spending, the BID will:

  • Establish regular events and markets including those popular in the past as well as hosting one-off events.  Events will cover the whole of the town centre.
  • Design and launch a major professional PR campaign specifically to improve the image of St Austell town centre with subsequent annual campaigns particularly targeted to local residents; create high quality publicity literature with strong distribution through Tourist Information Centres and the main local attractions; produce guides, maps, themed leaflets and help business promotion.
  • Identify specialist organisations offering advice on energy reduction and getting the best rates for utilities, carry out procurement at discounted rates for products and services and develop business to business sales.

BID Documents